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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Haigan and Ricky -

I couldn't wait to get Haigan and Ricky together for a shoot. They both have amazing bodies not to mention huge cocks. I watched Ricky get fucked a couple of times so I knew he could take it and Haigan seems to get nastier with every film. Haigan started giving shit well before it was time for the shoot. He started the day by telling Ricky that he had better make sure that he had an empty stomach so that he could feel Haigan's cock deep inside of him.
Haigan and RIcky are both pretty cocky as well as dirty. They were both so turned on by the time the cameras were on that they didn't waste any time getting down to business. Ricky spent most of the morning rubbing his amazing muscle ass up against Haigan's crotch and running off. THere were a couple of times during the day that I thought we were going to have to start the filming earlier than anticipated. By the time we were ready to start, we were all turned on and ready for action.
Haigan and Ricky stripped naked and Haigan gave Ricky's ass a nice massage and inspection. Ricky was already moaning when turned over and swallowed Hiagan's cock down his throat. Haigan then climbed up onto the bed and face fucked Ricky making him gag on his rod. I think that watching Ricky suck Haigan's cock until it got rock hard, was some of the hottest oral action I have seen. Haigan loves a nice warm mouth on his manhood but his favorite pastime is fucking. He turned Ricky onto his stomach and stuck his hard cock into Ricky's meaty ass.
I didn't realize exactly how limber Ricky was until Haigan pushed him face down on the bed and then pulled his left leg up until Ricky was just about doing the splits. It was amazing watching Haigan drill Ricky so completely deep that you could hear his balls slapping against his muscle ass. Haigan put Ricky on his back and lifted up his legs spread eagle style and then drilled him until he was about to shoot. Haigan pulled out and showered Ricky's ripped abs as Ricky jerked out a nice creamy load of his own.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Thursday, April 22, 2010





Easton Fucks Tyler Southernstrokes

Easton was so nervous and excited that he was about to get his cherry popped that he just couldn’t stop smiling.  Tyler finally leaned over and started to kiss Easton and the rest as they say it “was history”.  I honestly think they were so into each other that they forgot that the cameras were rolling.  Tyler put Easton on his back with his legs up in the air and shoved his cock deep into Easton’s hole as Easton winced with pain that was obviously pleasurable.  Tyler finally unleashed a huge load a thick cum all over Easton’s ass.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ashton at Southstrokes

Friday, April 16, 2010

shane shows his pretty rosebud butthole

Shane pumps his manpussy with a dildo. shoot a creamy load Southernstrokes

Stripping naked is exactly what Shane did except that I decided to ease him in and give him a dido to play with before he gets his first cock in his ass. Shane was really turned on and immediately started working the dildo in and out of his virgin hole. I could tell by the look on his face that Shane was really turned on as he stroked his hard cock for our cameras. It was to long before shane rolled back over on his back, with the dildo shoved deep into his hole, Shane shot a hunge load of steamy thick cum all over his chest and stomach. Not to let it go to waste, Shane gave us a little treat as he ate his thick creamy load.

Big Dick Robbie

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tony the policeman

First off, Tony’s cock is huge. It has to be a good 8+ and thick. He said he needed to unload quickly because it had been a while. He was so horny during the shoot that we couldn’t get him to lie still. Every time he started stroking his cock, he would squirm all over the bed. I didn’t think I would ever meet anyone who would shoot a bigger load than Josh, but I think I might have found someone. When Tony started to shoot his big load, it was like someone had turned on a fire hose. Just when I thought he was finished, he unloaded a huge shot of cum that covered his cheek. He wiped it away like he had just finished his favorite donut.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Johnny is a unique boy, full of attitude and the tattoos to match. Tight bod, smooth ass, and a hot 7.5 inch cock! Johnny was a little shy at first, but after doing a few photo sets his personality started to show through...a smile every now and then. Being 18 from Cali, the move to Georgia was an adjustment. But Johnny found hitting the gym and staying in shape gets him the girls!
Johnny is not the most outspoken of boys, but for the shoot I was hoping that he wouldn't pull his cock off. For those who enjoy a rough fuck, Johnny is for you.  A single handed stroker, he strokes his cock without much sound until he is so close to blowing his load! He shoots all over his chest, close to hitting his face!  Damn, I only wish he'd made it a few more inches.
Johnny is a high school wrestler. I'm sure there are a few guys who wouldn't mind getting pinned by or pinning Johnny!

Southern Sam Southernstrokes.com

He was really nervous at first and I was afraid that he wasn’t gonna be able to do the deed.  Sam’s nervousness went away about as quick as it came and he started to talk and get into it.  Given that he started out shy, imagine our surprise when I told him to take off his pants and he was sporting a raging hard on.  Sam worked his big cock until he sprayed a think load all over his chest and abs.  Man I love the South.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Once Tyler and Ashton locked lips, you could feel the sexual energy fill the room.  Both of these Southern Boy love good sex and they were about to have some of the best yet.  They started out sucking each other off as Tyler started inspecting Ashton’s tight hole.  Tyler finally turned Ashton over and started slowly fucking him until Ashton begged for it harder and deeper.  Tyler exploded with a huge load all over Ashton’s ass leaving him spent as Ashton choked out a nut all over his stomach. 

Country Boy Zach tryout.. shy but full of cum

Zack is 26 years old and stands about 5'10" tall with an average build. Zack has a very long torso making the trip from his belly button to his cock that much more inviting. There is just something about zack's look that just makes you want to see more. Zack and his boyfriend were in Georgia for a little vacation so they decided to pay us a visit at the Lake House. Thinking that it would make the pictures turn out better, Zack and his boyfriend decided to go and get a spray-on-tan the night before they paid us a visit. You don't have to take much of a look to notice the various shades of "tan" that Zack was sporting.
I have to give him credit, he wasn't shy at all when it came time to shed his clothes. Zack couldn't wait to get naked and I could tell that it was a huge turn-on for him having the crew watching him. It wasn't long after Zack was naked, when he just couldn't hold back anymore. He finally let out a gasp as he sprayed his stomach with a nice load of thick white cum.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Young hot countryboy Jacob 20 years old and full of cum

Well I will tell you that our shy boy Jacob came right out of his shell once he got things going. Jacob didn't waist any time stripping off his shorts and tshirt and immediately got his cock standing at attention. This 20 year old has a cock that is about 7" long and very fat. I bet the girls back in his hometown just love that fat cock probing in and out of them. Jacob stood up while he was stroking his cock letting our cameras admire his tall lean body. Jacob finally let loose laid down and shoot a huge load of steamy white cum.